Tungsten Carbide Composite Rollers

Tungsten Carbide Rollers Picture

Tungsten carbide composite rollers refers to the tungsten carbide rollers fixed in some way in the steel shaft rollers for rolling the bar mill, bar, rebar, angles and other small profiles. tungsten carbide composite rollers high and high toughness alloy outer rollers core composite way to ensure a good combination of dual material, while maintaining the outer storey hardness, high wear resistance, and other fine features, but also give full play to the core high interaction strength, high toughness to overcome the outside storey alloying brought brittleness, poor toughness shortcomings. Thus improving the overall performance of the roll, the rollers to ensure long life and high reliability as well as improve the quality of rolled.

Tungsten carbide composite rollers can significantly reduce the cost of cemented tungsten carbide rollers, while having a single material performance tungsten carbide roll: energy at high temperature, high pressure, high friction conditions, high-quality rolled metal products. tungsten carbide - cast composite rollers for high-speed wire rod mill group, the single-slot each rolling 10 times the normal amount of cast iron roll, and each volume is just grinding cast iron rollers 1/2 ~ 1/3 the total amount of the composite rollers rolling ordinary rollers 20 to 30-fold or more. Three rollers of seamless steel tubes for tension-reducing rack, rollers compared with traditional cast iron stretch reducing mill, in the larger diameter steel rolling, rolling amount every single slot composite rollers for ordinary cast iron rollers 20 times; and a smaller diameter at the time of rolling steel, the life can be up to 40 times, and the quality of the finished steel pipe can be significantly improved.

The main features of tungsten carbide composite rollers are:
1. Single rolling capacity increase of more than 10 times;
2. Improve the mill operating rates. Application tungsten carbide rollers, wear small slots, rollers life is high, thus reducing the number of rollers changes and change and time slots.
3. To reduce processing costs. tungsten carbide rollers ring ductile iron to replace the original needle roller, due to slot resistant, high rolling tonnage, long life, can reduce the total required rollers grinding times.
4. To improve the yield. Application tungsten carbide rollers can significantly improve the accuracy of product size, reduced scrap, reduced due to re-adjust after changing the slot and export guides that may arise from the heap of steel and other accidents and the resulting waste;
5. Groove due to significantly reduce the number of replacement, labor intensity can be adjusted to improve the rolling rollers assembly workers and workers;
6. Rolled surface quality significantly improved. Rolling out of the round product surface finish, appearance, negative bias control is very precise.