Tungsten Carbide Rollers Performance

Tungsten Carbide Rollers Picture

Tungsten carbide rollers are developed on the basis of tungsten carbide cutting tools, it is a kind of refractory metal compounds (WC, TaC, TiC, NbC, etc.) as the matrix, the transition metals (Co, Fe, Ni) is binding phase, cermet tool material prepared by powder metallurgy process. Its high hardness, high red hardness, high wear resistance and a series of excellent performance. Sometimes In order to obtain corrosion resistance, adding a certain amount of the corresponding nickel, chromium and other elements.

Tungsten carbide rollers form of the structure can be divided into two kinds of solid tungsten carbide rollers and rollers of composite tungsten carbide. Solid tungsten carbide rollers have been widely used in pre-finishing and finishing stands high speed wire rod mill (including reducing fixed frame, pinch rollers rack) and so on. Composite tungsten carbide composite rollers made from cemented tungsten carbide and other materials can be divided into tungsten carbide composite rollers and solid tungsten carbide composite roll. tungsten carbide composite rollers mounted on the rollers shaft; solid tungsten carbide composite rollers tungsten carbide rollers will direct cast in the rollers axis to form a whole, a large load is applied to the rolling mill.

Performance and bonding rollers tungsten carbide phase and the content of the matrix metal phase - tungsten carbide particle size. Different bonding agent content and particle size corresponding to the formation of different tungsten carbide grades. Has developed a series of vehicles for different tungsten carbide grades. Tungsten about 70% to 90% of the total mass of the composition in the cemented tungsten carbide having an average particle size in the 0.2 ~ 14μm. If the increase in the metal binder content or increase the particle size of tungsten carbide, the tungsten carbide hardness and toughness increased decline. Flexural strength cemented tungsten carbide rollers up more than 2200 MPa, the impact toughness of up to (4 ~ 6) × 106 J / m2, Rockwell hardness of HRA 78 to 90.

Domestic and foreign production of tungsten carbide rollers material mostly WC- Co, WC- Co- Ni- Cr two series. tungsten carbide rollers because of good wear resistance, high temperature and red hardness, thermal fatigue resistance and high strength, has been widely used in bars, wire rod, rebar and the production of seamless steel tubes, greatly improving the mill effective work rate.